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Welcome to the New York Expo Center is host to many
leading conventions, trade shows, consumer shows and special events.


The New York Expo Center boasts an amazing 10-acre venue space located directly on the East River Waterfront.


Featuring 90,000 sq feet interior space with a 45,000 sq foot main event space, the New York Expo Center is a perfect place to host the New York City Liberty Games.


The prominent smoke stack on site can be seen from across the East River and from the Bruckner Expressway, is an easily recognizable landmark.


The New York Expo Center features a huge waterfront lawn as well as an interior space that’s longer than a football field, this property is also fully bordered and contains two entrances/exits with security booths.

We are committed to making your experience at the NYC Liberty Games truly rewarding. 

As a destination city, nothing quite compares to New York City as the finance, entertainment, publishing
and fashion capital of the world.

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