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FAB Programming

Fab Night Out Tournament players get to experience NYC and all its glitz and glamour.  


The players get out of their uniforms and into their glam looks for a semi-formal event.  Red-Carpet, Step and Repeat and Paparazzi ALL present.  The event includes a private dinner reception and SECRET SURPRISE!

I Am FAB “MakeKnowns” – We begin with a Self-Esteem discussion and beauty tips from Tasha Turner (Beauty Editor at Large, Allure, Teen Vogue etc) and professional experts to enhance a girl’s look and boost her self-esteem.  Includes a Make-Known session that celebrates the girls as they are.


Topics include:

  • Skin Care

  • Beauty

  • Hair

  • Nutrition

Fab Night Out
AGES: 16 - 17  & 14 - 15
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